IN The Press of March 20 there was a lot of criticism of City of York Council, including another letter complaining about the restrictions on Lendal Bridge and the subsequent fines.

The restrictions have been a trial and, as often happens when something is introduced, mistakes have been made.

However, I commend the council for their courage in conducting this trial.

The more cars there are, the more dangerous, polluted and grid-locked the streets become for all of us, citizens and visitors.

For example, children are driven to school because parents fear for their safety in heavy traffic. This leads to even heavier traffic – a vicious circle.

York wants to attract more visitors, more business. Every visitor, every resident, every trader should have equal rights and restrictions appropriate to their situation and in tune with the conservation of our uniquely lovely York.

How will all this be possible if all choose to use a private car?

Compare the space taken up by a pedestrian, a cyclist with that of someone in even the smallest car.

Let us treasure a city in which it is a privilege to live.

Rose Berl, De Little Court, Vine Street, York.