PETER Clarke was baffled (Letters, March 19) by recent lane marking changes at Grimston Bar roundabout.

He seems to believe the council is responsible. Perhaps he’s unaware that the A64 is a strategic trunk road, managed by the Highways Agency.

Across the city, Bob Redwood expressed concern about cyclist groups “shouting” to each other as they ride through his village of Askham Bryan, and suggested that they be a little quieter. Some of the phrases that he might hear are “car up” from the rear riders, meaning one approaching the group from behind. Likewise “car down” from the lead riders indicates a car coming towards them. “Single out” , “pothole”, “dog” and “horse” can also be frequently heard.

These are safety messages, which the whole cycling group must receive.

In the early days of cycling, penny farthing club rides would include a bugler who would trumpet a code to warn pedestrians, and convey instructions and directions from the ride captain. Many modern cars have a bugle dashboard symbol for the horn, which is a throwback to that era.

As we enter the Tour de France legacy period in coming years, there are likely to be more cyclists out and about in Yorkshire’s rural areas. Understanding each other’s safety needs and practising courteous behaviour will help us all share the highway without incident.

Paul Hepworth, Windmill Rise, York.