WITH all the talk lately about bad driving, yes, there are some bad drivers out there. But I seem to be encountering more cyclists lately who do not bother to look back when pulling out to pass parked cars or when moving to the middle of the road to turn right at a junction.

Some of them do not use hand signals, never mind looking back.

It seems the law and politeness of signalling is slowly disappearing, and we should all have a crystal ball with us at all times.

The other day a cyclist undertook me as I was about to turn left.

Luckily for him I had my crystal ball with me and I was using my indicators. I have even seen police cars driving past as these manoeuvres are being made without blinking an eye.

Years ago the police would have caught up with you and given you a firm ticking off and a bit of advice; now there is not that kind of attention to road users. So come on, let’s all try a bit harder and then no one gets annoyed. As the saying goes – Have a nice day now.

Mr A Moore, Lowfield Drive, Haxby, York.