I ATTENDED the recent ‘engagement event’ to discuss the licence application for Monk Stray.

The first half saw a packed audience looking round display tables on the Tour de France.

Later there were questions from the floor, but only after a lengthy presentation on the economic benefits to York of the Tour de France.

Question time arrived only to be told that the licence application could not be discussed as this was now a legal process and no reference or allusion to it would be accepted.

This resulted in uproar from people on the floor who had come to ask questions.

After the meeting was brought to order, council members moved on to their preferred topic of the hub (not part of the application) – that part of the stray being used for camping and caravans – which we were allowed to discuss.

But even then the chair was forced to reassure people that the licence for sale of alcohol there would end at 18.30pm.

One questioner showed leaflet which I too had received and eagerly held up regarding the licence application in which it lists plays, films, dances, big screen, sale of alcohol, live and recorded music, suggesting that events for up to 10,000 people could be held annually for two weeks.

On inspection by council members we were told this did not come from them and should be disregarded as it was probably produced by a trouble-maker and the information was untrue. This was despite a councillor contributing to it.

A questioner then bravely said that she had read the application online and confirmed it was exactly as displayed on the leaflet.

M Hatfield, Heworth, York.