I TOTALLY agree with the police on banning any more new pubs in York city centre (The Press, March 11).

York seems to be full of drinking and eating places, which are said to cause antisocial behaviour and other crimes, as suggested by another story in the same edition concerning an assault in North Street.

I believe the police and not the council should say if public houses can open or have a licence to open. The law needs changing so the Government gives police the power to give or refuse licence.

If the police had this power, we would know it’s done on a no-profit way, unlike with the council which will get licence money and business rates, and is therefore more likely to give a licence even if there are objections.

After all the police have to deal with the aftermath of drinkers. They should have a much stronger say in how things are run.

Wojciech Simpson, Chestnut Grove, New Earswick, York.