THESE days I don’t get into York as often as before. When I do, therefore, I keep my eyes open for changes.

The King’s Manor has a special attraction for me. When I joined the university in 1964, everyone was in the Manor. It felt like a club with the whole staff on Christian name terms, including the VC.

My offices were high up above the Porter’s Lodge, beneath medieval oak beams, against which some distinguished academics sometimes broke their heads.

When the university moved out to Heslington, I remained for some time at the Manor. Some of the most memorable events of my life occurred in its rooms.

I have a particular affection for the Huntington Room, where one can read the 18th century graffiti of the schoolgirls who slept there.

It was consequently a great pleasure to see the restoration of the coat of arms of King Charles I, above the entrance, which, once again, lures visitors to penetrate this wonderful and historic building.

Antony Peck, Station Road, Upper Poppleton, York