AT LEAST two items caught my attention in The Press of March 13.

Firstly, David Peacock is presumably a Labour supporter and perhaps he does own his home. Some of us aren’t so lucky and have never earned enough to pay for a mortgage.

But we are lucky enough to be able to pay the rent for and live in high quality council homes provided by City of York Council and constructed over the years by councils of different persuasions, not only Labour.

Secondly, I assume George Appleby to be in my age bracket (80) but is his memory failing him?

That great department store known as the Co-op stood in Railway Street not Rougier Street.

A little piece of history, the first cooperative store in York was in Market Street and the first branch opened was at the junction of Holgate road and Blossom Street.

I will agree with him regarding the dance halls in the city centre. But my favourite was the church hall in Alma Terrace. Not over crowded, less competition for partners and a good little pub next door.

Terry Mc Laughlin, Leeside, York.