CAREFUL reading of recent reports and letters in The Press about the use of Monk Stray as an ‘event hub’ during the Tour de France reveals that it is proposed to use Rowntree Park for a similar purpose.

As a close resident to the park I have heard nothing official about this idea, and I don’t believe my neighbours have, either.

An inquiry as to what such use would entail, addressed to the council at the end of last month, elicited the response that no firm decisions have been made on what goes where and they will listen to residents’ concerns before making any decisions.

I am sure residents around Monk Stray will be glad to know that!

No further information has yet been forthcoming and I suggest that anyone who lives within earshot of Rowntree Park, and especially those who live in Terry Street, Finsbury Avenue and Reginald Grove who back on to the riverside, might like to attend the next ward meeting (sorry: Community Conversation) on Monday, at 6pm.

This will take place in the Ebor Stand at the Racecourse, and perhaps we will be able to find out then what is being proposed for Rowntree Park so we can say what we think before it is too late.

Alison Sinclair, Norfolk Street, York.