THE council has decided to turn a peaceful residential area of the city into a sort of Lycra-themed Glastonbury Festival.

To celebrate the Tour de France, the shindig is to be held on Monk Stray, a long narrow grassed area surrounded by homes, and it is to go on for nine days.

People are invited to pitch their tents, park their motorhomes, take part in various entertainments, purchase alcohol and generally revel.

Nearby residents, who will have to put up with this for almost a week and a half, were not consulted in advance.

There is a semblance of consultation going on now, after the fact, presumably to make the council appear thoughtful and responsible, which it obviously isn’t.

A few years ago, the council wanted to give itself permission to hold events on the stray, ranging from beer tents, to wrestling and loud entertainment.

Finally, after weeks of complaints, the council abandoned the idea.

So the council knew well that local people would strongly oppose its plan.

It is a sad thing to realise the council cares so little for the wishes of residents.

The stray should be kept as a pleasant site for children’s play, dog-walkers, joggers, kite-fliers and amateur footballers, as it has always been.

Bob McMillan, Straylands Grove, Stockton Lane, York.