I would like to remind Bob Towner that The Press is an excellent medium for readers to write in and to give their opinions on what ever subject they wish to comment on.

I note in the Press on March 5 he accuses Mathew Laverack of having a rant regarding private renting. I do not consider Mr Laverack’s remarks as ranting; they are his considered opinion which he is fully entailed to give.

I think Mr Laverack’s remarks regarding renting have merit; they are not a travesty of the truth as quoted by Mr Towner. I would think that if Mr Towner were a landlord he would have a entirely different point of view.

I wonder if he was a landlord and had his property trashed how he would feel. I know of people that have had serious damage to their property by their tenants and for all landlords this is a possibility.

They are unable to vet the type of people they are letting to so they have to build in a figure in the rent to cover problems that can arise. Motor insurance would be a lot less if we didn’t have a “minority” of wrong-doers I just hope that James Alexander’s thoughtful contribution [Mr Towner’s phraseology] will be fruitful. I don’t think there are a lot of thoughtful contributions made by City of York Council on any other aspects that they are involved in.

Ray Theakston, Greenshaw Drive, York.