So the supermarkets are cutting the price of milk.

When they started their take-over some years ago, by cutting the price to a most unrealistic sum, they ensured that many small dairy farmers had to close down and they are once again sounding the death-knell to these small businesses. Are they never satisfied?

I am afraid that my opinion of them and their greedy goings-on is at an all-time low. The idea of selling many things under one roof all that time ago was a good one; many people had not the time or energy to traipse to one shop after another, but to deliberately lower the price of basic necessities like milk is hitting below the belt.

They can afford to do it with so many other commodities in store, but they clearly won’t stop until they cut all competition out of the market – does the buying public really want to see that happen? They are simply trying to prove that might is right – for those who benefit from it only, of course!

Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York.