TO LOSE someone close is agony.

Recently Megan Roberts was found to have drowned, possibly because she slipped into the river when she was befuddled by alcohol. There have been others who have ended up in one of York`s two rivers and now there is another young person missing after a night out.

Is it not illegal to serve alcohol to someone who is already drunk or to buy it for them? Do bars observe this?

Maybe it would prevent accidents happening if groups of friends designated one person to remain sober and to watch out for the others.

Rose Berl, De Little Court, Vine Street, York.


• HOW extremely said it is that a York St John University student has thought to have drowned in the River Ouse, after possibly having had too much alcohol.

And now a young man is missing in what appears to be similar circumstances in York.

This leads me to ask what measures are in place, and being enforced to protect people, especially young people from over- consumption of alcohol.

Surely those selling such a harmful drug must take more responsibility for what happens on their premises and the subsequent possible consequences. Even the loss of one life, especially a young person, is far too high a price to pay.

Janet E Rowntree, Escrick, York.