A RECENT TV news story highlighted Wakefield as “a city of the future”.

The reason given was that money had been invested in the city centre in better facilities for residents and visitors alike.

A few years ago a large new bus station opened there which included baby-changing room, cafe, newsagent, telephones, toilets and (there’s more) – a travel centre.

Accommodation in York for visitors and students must almost be at saturation point.

If the small businesses in the city centre are to survive, much-needed amenities such as the above would have a knock-on effect, promoting extra income.

In conversation with an employee at the bus station in Wakefield, his derisory comment was: “Oh yes, York is where all travellers catch a bus at the side of the road.”

The Hungate site could be a missed opportunity for a much-needed facility which the city planners have overlooked for far too long.

Barbara Woodley, Fulford, York.