THERE has been a fair amount said about using Monk Stray for camping and caravanning during the Grand Départ.

It was surprising to read of the proposal, not only because of the nuisance it would cause the nearby residents, but mainly because the Stray is such a boggy area, even in dry weather. Any traffic would churn up the ground making it an absolute mire and generally it’s not really suitable for tents, so by the time those people moved on, the Stray wouldn’t be in a fit state for residents to use.

Malton Road is extremely busy at all times so all these extra vehicles could end up causing absolute mayhem on that stretch of the road.

All in all, an entirely unsuitable venue for tents, motorhomes and entertainers. They need a drier surface in a location where there is access to toilets and showers and easier access to the site.

Janet S Kitchen-Cooper, Ashley Park Road, York.