In July last year, I became the proud owner of a rather nice new bike. It seemed to be the right way to get my fitness back now that I am the wrong side of 50.

I am law abiding. I wait at traffic lights. I keep to cycle lanes and show bright lights when it’s dark. Worryingly, some bus drivers have developed a huge disregard for cyclists. The road has seemingly become a place to do battle, especially with the articulated Park&Ride drivers who run to and from Askham Bar. They get very close, forcing me in to the kerb.

Ten tons or so of steel, rubber, diesel and glass versus a pedal cycle, skin and bone? So what is my recourse? A video camera strapped to the bike perhaps to capture evidence of my death? There’s going to be one very sorry, and one very dead person at the end of a particularly dangerous shift.

Wayne Tyssen, Woodthorpe, York.