I CANNOT believe York’s Labour council believe it will generate £200,000 income from the recent budget replacement of the free Minster Badge with a £20 regular user parking charge.

They should have supported the Conservative amendment to keep the badge free.

I don’t think the residents of York will pay, as many won’t get the cost back in savings. It’s another nail in the coffin for the city centre. Residents are already tired of overpriced parking and not being able to park close to the shopping and are often shopping elsewhere where it’s more convenient. With the rise of out of city shopping parks, surely York’s council should encourage residents to visit the city centre. But once again, the needs of the resident are set aside in pursuit of income.

We’re already paying too much for parking and there must be concessions for residents in an expensive tourist city.

The council should invest in adequate parking and improving lighting in car parks to increase security. Before they start asking us to pay more, they should provide a better service in the first place.

Daniel Donnor, Tedder Road, York.