AS SOMEONE interested in York’s house-building statistics, I am annoyed and frustrated with the irregular publication of annual reports by the council.

Normally the council issues housing completions and planning figures nine months after the year end; but, in the past three years, this has been inconsistent.

The planning permissions for 2011/12 were delayed until 18 months after the year end, and were announced at the same time as 2012/13 in September 2013.

The reason for this was clearly to defer bad news until there was some better news to counteract it. Net planning consents for housing for 2011/12 were a record low of 174, while for 2012/13 these showed an improvement to 337.

The council has now released the planning consents for the current 2013/14 year before it has ended. The Press reported on March 21 that for the first three-quarters of the year, permission for 1,200 homes has been given.

Yet more eagerness from the council to issue good news as soon as possible. As far as the council’s housing statistics are concerned – no news is not good news.

Paul S Cordock, Durlston Drive, Strensall, York.