Recently on the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine programme there was a discussion under the title: “Could Germany really be this country’s best ally?”

Something like 24 UK citizens commented, and only one was negative. Many of the people phoning in had lived in Germany, worked in Germany, been in the UK armed forces in Germany, one was married to a German lady. It was sweet music to my ears.

They all said what I have been saying for the last 55 years. They all saw Germany as a superb friend of Britain.

The Germans are so like us in many ways. Germans have respect for the British and admire many of our way of life. They work very hard, are polite, generous, can be trusted, have a definite sense of humour, their towns, villages, cities are beautifully clean. Everything works.

People say what they feel. Rules are obeyed. Their manufacturing and business success is phenomenal. German food is wholesome, tasty, nutritious. We share a love of beer and sausages and slim pretty girls.

Germany is our only hope of real genuine EU change. It was all so positive, and what annoyed these people about the way Germany is often portrayed is what has infuriated me for 50 plus years.

On top of this were reports of Chancellor Merkel’s historic and excellent speech to the two Houses of Parliament and her red carpet welcome from our Government. Great Radio – I loved every minute.

David Quarrie Lynden Way, Holgate, York.