AFTER eight years of legal battles, the High Court has given outline permission to build 650 houses at Germany beck Fulford (The Press, February 24).

Maybe builders Persimmon Homes and also City of York Councillors will get advice how to build some houses on stilts.

For no matter what they do, with land concreted over it will cause more flooding than there is now, so naturally homes will be in danger. I hope prospective buyers are informed of this.

Maureen Robinson, Broadway, York.

• FOR many decades Fordlands Road and the A19 in Fulford have been in desperate need of being raised to combat the frequently occurring flooding problems.

I ask City of York Council why it takes the building of 600-plus houses before the problem is to be addressed.

Can they assure the council taxpayers of York that they are not waiting perhaps for Persimmon Homes to foot the bill for the road alterations to save the council spending the money?

I suggest the council pays for the existing roads to be raised and cancels the ludicrous house building project.

Paul Bowes, Cherrywood Crescent, Fulford, York.

• I WAS woken at 7am to the sound of developers cutting down the hedgerow behind us, to make way for “the soon to be laid” road leading from A19 into Germany Beck.

I am concerned that this is a sign of things to come. I am against the development, mostly due to the fact that the site of the Battle of Fulford will be lost forever, but also because of the strain it will put on our already busy infrastructure, not to mention the years of disruption it will cause.

If this development goes ahead (and I am still hopeful it can be stopped), can Persimmon assure me that my business will not be affected? After speaking to Persimmon, they told me that they should have started at 9am.

Am I going to have to fight and complain through every stage of the development? Persimmon should show local residents some consideration and keep us up to date with what is happening.

Nicky Howard, Pinfold Cottage B&B, Main Street, Fulford, York.