GEOFF ROBB highlights the lack of use of electric car charging points, though he fails to mention why this is so (Soap Box, February 24).

Possible reasons are the greater expense over similar cars, very limited range and the huge cost of replacing the batteries, which effectively makes the car worthless after a few years.

Here is what three local politicians have had to say: Coun Dave Merrett (The Press, January 31) – “Electric vehicles.... makes them a cost-effective alternative for businesses and organisations.”

Steve Galloway referring to the lack of use (February 17) – “It is pretty poor and reflects the lack of a sustained publicity campaign by the council and the trade, working together, to promote the use of electric vehicles.” The Government already gives millions in subsidy, and the manufacturers have spent millions in developing them. So how would the council convince an informed person to buy one?

James Alexander (February 18) – “charging points are helping to reduce congestion”. Because of the limited range, they will be used for short trips only, so how will this reduce congestion?

My understanding is that it is the more well-off who are buying them, as a second car. And the taxpayer is helping them buy them to the tune of £5,000.

John Forrester, Beagle Ridge Drive, York.