YORK City Football Club’s support of York Pride 2013 led to the club receiving some negative and abusive correspondence.

Their response? At the launch of York Pride 2014, they dedicated Saturday’s game to Football v Homophobia and gave 100 tickets to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans) community.

Being York born and bred, if I were to support a football team it would be York City, although I had never been to a game until last weekend. I joined fans young and old, gay and straight, longstanding and new. I saw several positive displays of support from the club, which were well received by the crowd.

The whole environment felt inclusive, and the game was thoroughly enjoyable. Seeing friends, colleagues, and fellow members of LGBT groups share in this enjoyment, many of whom would never attend a football match, made this game extra special. I, along with many others, absolutely now call myself a York City Football Club Fan.

The result? 0-0 draw. As a newcomer to the beautiful game, I probably won’t do justice to any post-match analysis. That being said, while York City didn’t win on the pitch today, they have won much more in their fight against homophobia.

Simon Rodgers, Bishopfields Drive, Leeman Road, York.