I HAVE read the responses to my support (Letters, February 20) for the Lendal Bridge restrictions (it is wrong to call it a bridge closure).

Most follow the easy fallacy that there is a massive divide between cyclists and users of motor transport. Virtually every adult in York is either a cyclist or has a close family member who cycles: and virtually all use motor transport, too.

The supposed divide exists mostly in the letters page of The Press. It is not helpful to make Lendal Bridge into a cars-versus-bikes argument. Many correspondents put words in my mouth and then attacked what I have not actually said. It is also interesting that the online version of the letters page shows support for my views vastly outnumbering the critics. By the way, none of the anti-cyclist correspondents seem to have noticed that I did not mention cycling anywhere in my letter.

Jim McGurn, Get Cycling CiC, Hospital Fields Road, York.