THANK YOU for drawing attention to the meeting about licensing Monk Stray for events, especially a Tour de France spectator hub (The Press, February 15).

Following this well-attended meeting, I emailed James Alexander, two local councillors and Sally Burns, who, we are told, heads the planning for the Tour, to ask if they had approached Sports Village at the university as a more suitable venue. It was, after all, built as a town-and-gown partnership.

As well as the university being close to the Park&Ride and the by-pass for easy access, it has its own parking and many places for locking bikes, and indoor and outdoor spaces for entertainment, licensed bars, cafés and refectories.

As term finishes a full week ahead of the Tour, accommodation will be available, as well as space for campers and caravans.

Students might be happy to let rooms, have visitors and earn a little money for helping at the event.

Others might wish to showcase their musical talents and it would be worldwide publicity for our fine university.

Why choose a quiet residential area when there are lots of other possibilities away from housing that might welcome this opportunity?

Ruth Roberts, Elmfield Terrace, York.