THE escalation of unrest in the Ukraine capital and elsewhere stems from the division across the country between those who favour Europe (40 per cent) and the others (60 per cent) who lean towards Russia.

The Ukraine president once hinted at a trade deal with Europe but has not done so.

Meanwhike the Russian president offered a $15 billion aid agreement and 33 per cent discount on Russian natural gas to the Ukraine president.

This sparked off violent protests against the government, which reacted by dealing with this as an “anti-terror operation”.

The outcome has been even more violent demonstrations with many deaths and serious injuries and little sign of any abatement. All the EU can do is hold “meetings” to consider the application of sanctions. The rest of the western countries can merely register objections to the continued violence.

With the deep divide in this country between two different factions and their volatile behaviour, there is little chance of the Ukraine joining the European Union for some time to come.

J Beisly, Osprey Close, York.