WE, presumably along with every other household in the region, recently received a booklet entitled Minerals and Waste Joint Plan – Issues And Options Consultation, issued jointly by City of York Council, the North York Moors National Park Authority and North Yorkshire County Council.

This contains eight pages of prose, many references to websites as well as a reference to “documents obtainable from all libraries and the main offices of NYCC, CYC and NYMNPA”, and could well be the introduction to a public debate on fracking.

Who will actually respond to this long-winded invitation, which could be the subject of an assignment in a degree course?

It seems to us like an expensive exercise for the sake of being able to claim that the population has been consulted. I would have thought that our representatives in these three worthy organisations should come up with a plan, and then consult by means of face-to-face local meetings.

Marc Schatzberger, The Village, Skelton, York.