COUNCIL bosses saw a new care scheme in action in The Press of February 18, which is applauded by the many people needing it.

However, I would like to remind everyone that a previous scheme of wardens living on site in areas needing similar support was also appreciated at one time.

Sites such as that in Dale Street and Moatside Court, Gillygate, provided excellent of support to older people and others with disabilities needing help. Due to funding and other factors, these were taken away.

I remember well the warden in the Swann Dale area of Nunnery Lane, organising trips out, coffee mornings and bingo sessions, while also calling in from 9am to 5pm; they were then covered by the mobile warden when they were off duty.

Due to the cuts, such welcome schemes of the past are no more, but the return of some new care initiatives like the one shown in The Press in Acomb still have to be applauded.

Keith Chapman, Custance Walk, York.