GEOFFREY SEARSTON asked James Alexander how small is the envelope he scribbles on. James insists (Letters, February 18) he doe’s not scribble or write ideas on envelopes. Geoffrey, your answer is on page 13 of the same edition. I must congratulate The Press for solving this conundrum.

Pat Graves, Heworth, York.


• JAMES Alexander “I don’t scribble.

Q. How small is the envelope on which he scribbles his big ideas.

A. On a postcard to The Press, no prizes for this, as the answer is on page 13, of The Press. Just look at what he’s holding.

Go to the back of the class James and write 100 times, “I do like to scribble on bits of paper, I do like to scribble on bits of paper. I do scribble. I do.”

Len Smith, Winchester Avenue, York.


•JAMES ALEXANDER says he does not scribble. In a photograph of the same day’s Press, he is shown sitting with the staff of Windsor House and he is clearly seen with a piece of paper in one hand and a pen in the other.

Mel Burley, Albion Avenue, York.


• JAMES ALEXANDER says he does not scribble or write on envelopes. However, his beaming photograph on page 13 suggest otherwise.

Maybe James will correct me if I am wrong.

Ken Thorpe, Ebor Way, Upper Poppleton, York.


• JAMES ALEXANDER said he didn’t scribble, or wrote his ideas on an envelope, well correct me if I am wrong but having turned the page to page 13 on the same night, there is a picture of Mr Alexander at the Windsor House Care Home and what do I see him doing but scribbling on a piece of paper.

Who is the scribbler now, Mr Alexander?

DR Husband, Hopgrove, York.