A MUST-read is the book titled the Proposed EU Constitution if you desire a country run by those who you did not vote for.

If this is your choice, then vote Labour, Liberal or Conservative and you will kill off the Britain you knew.

If you want your Britain back, vote UKIP – they will try to give you your county back.Should we fully join the EU, Europe will take over our banks, which will become European world banks – no more named banks, just one large bank.

Conscription will be brought in, our army will disappear along with the British army uniform and we will then become one European army.

All borders will be open to all immigrants to enter Britain and we must comply with all rules or be punished in court.

We will be forced to keep up to date with all our arms if we do not we will be fined.

We will also be in a common policy on asylum and forced to pay benefits to all.

David Wardell, Malton Road, York.