THREE items in The Press caught my eyes recently.

1. Tourists spend more than £600 million a year in visits to the city, but nowhere is mentioned any form of benefit to the people who live here. No doubt businesses will be rubbing their hands as their coffers swell from all this activity, but the poor old resident gains nothing.

2. Vince Cable states there is a good case for remaining in the EU as “membership enables Britain to influence the rules and regulations on trade and climate change”. Are these the “rules” that most member states of the EU ignore while Britain kowtows to them?

3. Council leader James Alexander and Coun Linsay Cunningham-Cross in a letter thank the 70 or so people who attended a “community conversation” meeting. Would it be too much to expect that he will take into account the responses from the audience and act on them?

Finally, on benefits to residents, I recently had to make a delivery to a colleague in Pottery Lane – what a rough ride. The residents there deserve to see the road planed off and re-laid as the surface is so badly pitted by potholes.

R Hutchinson, Sherwood Grove, York.