NOW that the Lendal Bridge trial is coming to an end, there are a couple of things residents can be fairly certain will happen.

Firstly, the trial will not actually end after six months. You can bet that council officials and the Labour cabinet will “need time to assess the results” – a euphemism for: “Let’s buy more time to find reasons for keeping it shut”.

Secondly, we will see a systematic campaign of obfuscation, with manipulation of traffic figures being used to justify permanent closure – a decision I believe has already been made some time ago in private by council officials and the Labour hierarchy.

To keep Lendal Bridge closed, the burden of proof lies squarely with the council to show there has been a significantly beneficial effect on York’s traffic. Actual traffic data proves unequivocally that traffic has got worse, not better, including increased bus journey times.

Botched signage, alienated visitors, disillusioned residents – Kersten England and James Alexander can prove that they are now finally “listening” by making the only logical decision possible and re-opening Lendal Bridge without delay after February 28.

Nick Love, Deangate, York.


• SO City of York Council has taken £1.3 million in five months on Lendal fines – as a York person I feel ashamed (The Press, February 12). 42,800 cars have taken the wrong turning in the wrong place at the wrong time and poor them. Probably there were at least two people in the car so at least 85,600 have not seen and been able to read and interpret the bad signage to avoid Lendal Bridge – so what does that tell the council? It’s made the city impossible to negotiate and a joke.

I don’t believe the closure is an innocent experiment. If this were the case why did they go to the trouble of installing all the money-grabbing paraphanalia? It’s just legalised theft.

This £1.3 million may be small fry when it comes to the long-term PR damage that it is doing to the city. How many more letters does it take from visitors who claim they will never return to York after their experience?

It’s funny but the last time people were robbed en-route to York by a certain Dick Turpin, it was classed as highway robbery and he was hanged. Makes you think…

Keith Massey, Mill Lane, York.