PERHAPS James Alexander should have listened to his granny, as she would have said: “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” (The Press, February 5).

So on top of the advice that is bound to come his way here is my contribution: 1. Look at your top earners for redundancy such as the assistant directors on £70,000-plus a year; how many are there? However I suspect you will go for the easier option and start from the bottom of the pile.

2. Take the shortfall out of the £100 million we are going to make out of the cycle race.

3. When allowing spending, check the business case more closely, such as the Rawcliffe Country Park – approaching £40,000 for gates that serve no purpose, for an event you undercharged ground rent for and then fail to recoup the money to repair the damage to the site.

4. Keep the toll on Lendal Bridge, most of the transgressors are only visitors anyway, and it is the only thing your administration has done that appears fiscally sound.

Keith Isaac, Byron Drive, York.