AS members of JUST York (supporters of organisations in York campaigning for human rights and development) we are deeply disturbed by negotiations between governments in Europe, including our own, and the US to establish a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

The terms are being kept from MPs and the public, but we understand they give global corporations unrestricted access to the provision of public services, and the right to override the authority of elected bodies to protect local jobs and companies.

Writers to The Press often emphasise the opportunity voters have to “change things at the next election”.

The TTIP will remove that option in respect of contracted-out public services in health, education, energy, transport, etc.

Similar agreements made in Asia and Africa gave corporations the right to sue a government that places obstacles in the way they operate.

Their profitability overrules the wishes of the public and its elected representatives.

We urge readers to write to their MPs and ask them to ensure that the text of the TTIP is made public before it is signed.

John Whitworth, Jessica Aitken, Pat Brar, Charlie Bridge, Moira Bridge, Kathleen Howard, Maurice Vassie, JUST YORK, Deighton, York.