I TOTALLY agree with Pamela Frankland’s letter regarding non-computer users’ abilityto donate to charity and others (Missing out on us, Letters, February 8).

I am not computer illiterate, but in my last job before retirement (aviation) I had four computers constantly demanding attention and I decided I would not have a computer at home after retirement.

The charities are definitely missing out. I wanted to take part in the 5K Race for Life for one of the charities.

I rang the advertised number, explained I didn’t have a computer, but would like to enter. The response? “Entering is easy, just go online to Race for Life!”

Another company offered free refurbished computers for people on low income who didn’t have computers, to help them become computer literate. Good idea? No phone number, just contact them – online – how?

We seem to have raised a whole generation who are computer literate, but brain deficient.

J Liddington, Hanover Court, Haxby, York.