CITY of York Council’s failed legal challenge against the Government’s planning inspector’s ruling on the 200-home Grain Store site was clearly misguided and showed poor judgement (The Press, February 8).

The council claimed the inspector’s decision to allow the developer not to have to provide any affordable housing was ‘irrational’, adding that his reasoning had been ‘inadequate’.

With such a damning criticism, which questioned the inspector’s professional competence and interpretation, did the council really expect to win this appeal?

The defeat the council suffered resulted in it having to pay the Government’s legal costs of £8,648. At a time of cuts in spending and increased council tax, it is unacceptable that the council had taken a risk in losing this money.

This is the third time that the council has lost appeals on this site. The first time was in September 2008, after the developer appealed because the council had not given a decision on their planning application made in August 2007. The second was in June last year, and then the current one.

When York needs housing so badly there is something seriously wrong with the council’s approach; it has caused several delays to this site through unsuccessful appeals.

It’s time the council learned from its mistakes.

Paul S Cordock, Durlston Drive, Strensall, York.