I WATCHED Channel 4’s Dispatches on February 5 – how utterly nauseating. If people see this before watching the Winter Olympics, they can keep in mind what is going on behind the scenes.

Gays are being hunted for Sunday sport by vigilante groups on the pretext that all gays are paedophiles. Self-congratulatory video clips are posted on the web showing shocking scenes of violence and humiliation. It’s now cool to go on “safari” hunts and catch those “animals”.

The Russian Orthodox Church colludes by condemning homosexuality and gay marriage is seen as a foretaste of Armageddon.

But worst of all, the Government passed a law in 2012 forbidding “propaganda” about any lifestyle outside “the norm” and now stays silent in the face of these outrages. The police harass gay protesters and don’t protect those being attacked.

Even heterosexual supporters of gay rights are now being targeted and teachers are losing their jobs for speaking out against the rising tide of hatred and violence.

Gay parents fear that their children may be taken into care under this pernicious “propaganda” law which can be twisted to criminalise them.

Russia decriminalised homosexuality 15 years ago but I was horrified to witness in vivid detail what is happening to ordinary citizens in Russia today.

Sue Lister, Curlew Glebe, Dunnington, York.