I TEND not to go into the city centre unless absolutely necessary, which was the case a few days ago.

I was walking along Parliament Street and a tune kept running through my head.

The tune? Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Except it wasn’t flowers I was thinking of, although there was a distinct lack of any flora. The words I was thinking were:

“Where have all the benches gone?

Long time missing

Where have all the benches gone?

Long time no seats

Where have all the benches gone?

Council took them, every one

When will they ere return?

Or will they ere return?”

There was nowhere for anyone to sit. The flat, bleak, unwelcoming street was so depressing, with people scurrying about, heads down, unsmiling. The whole area feels as if it has had its soul sucked out.

Even the fountain has been put out of action. Walking on past King’s Square, that same feeling of drab greyness took hold. The whole place is flat and boring with no personality.

This council is destroying everywhere with a bit of character.

They’ve closed a main route into and out of town, upset visitors while approving more and more hotels, while leaving us with potholed roads and dangerous, uneven footpaths.

Janet S Kitchen-Cooper, Ashley Park Road, York.