WITH regards to the sale of the Military Medal by Captain Bradley (The Press, January 29), I was in the 1st Battalion, the Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire and served two times in Aden in 1965/66 and in 1967.

I was deployed with the battalion’s reconnaissance platoon, “Recce”, protecting civilians and government properties in the area.

We were all used as bait as we went on patrol nearly every day on dangerous operations. The most dangerous adversaries were the pistol assassin and grenade thrower.

Two hundred British soldiers were killed during the entire campaign in Aden and “Recce” incurred eight serious casualties during their tour.

I received multiple wounds from a grenade. One man lost both legs, another suffered multiple wounds and another died of burns. The platoon received two military medals, the Military Medal and British Empire Medal.

I am very pleased that the Military Medal being sold by Captain Bradley for service in Aden has been purchased by the regimental museum, Tower Street, York and not, God forbid, by a collector.

Vic Goodall, Vernon Close, Bishopthorpe, York.