CITY of York Council should be congratulated for the proposed scheme to video parents parking illegally or unsafely close to schools (The Press, February 4). This is long overdue because practically all schools are blighted with this affliction.

Too many lame excuses are used for what is laziness and lack of responsibility when it comes to educating children on road behaviour and the health benefits of walking to school.

Sensibly the council is using the old carrot-and-stick approach, with the Parents’ Parking Promise scheme to run alongside the cameras. But too many parents believe they can stop anywhere near their child’s school to drop them off with no regard for other road users and particularly other children of the same school.

Perhaps this country should adopt the Maltese regulations where the road on which the school is situated is closed completely at times close to starting and finishing hours of the school.

Martin Crudge, Dodsworth Avenue, York.