A RASH of 20mph speed restrictions have appeared on many streets in the Acomb Wood/ Woodthorpe area, and probably elsewhere in other urban streets, including even short cul-de-sacs which dog-leg towards the end, some only about 40/50 yards/ metres long.

There is little chance of reaching a speed of 20mph on turning into these streets; the exits have signs inviting the road users to achieve 30mph as they leave.

A cynical point of view might assume that in these short streets a 20mph signs are an invitation to put your foot down and attempt to reach a speed of 20mph not previously considered.

If you think it’s not a good idea, you would be right. And neither is the planting of 20mph restrictions at a cost of £500,000 in the streets described in this letter.

J Beisly, Osprey Close, York.


• I have noticed that 20mph signs are springing up all over Acomb and wondered if the council had purchased a job lot at a knockdown price. I found it amusing to see two at the end of School Street (the YMCA charity shop is on the righthand corner) as this street is less than 50 yards long. If you were to drive a Formula One down it you would be hard pushed to reach 20mph.

There are several at the end of cul-de-sacs off Ridgeway. Do the employees erecting these signs get any formal training or is it a case of “stick them up at the end of every street”? Another waste of our council tax.

Jenny Hilton, Holgate Lodge Drive, Holgate, York.


• WELL done David Fish for exposing Anna Semlyen as another member of York’s anti-car brigade (Letters, February 1).

She seems to think that all accidents are the motorist’s fault and that 20mph will make walking and cycling safer.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as we only need to look at some cyclists and pedestrians who think the Highway Code does not apply to them and they can do what they like, regardless of any danger, as there is often a motorist around whose insurance they can claim off if they are injured.

While I will agree motorists are far from perfect, it is about time people took more responsibility for their actions instead of making motorists’ scapegoats.

The 20mph zones in York have only created more congestion and pollution and have slowed down buses, making them even less attractive to ride on.

We need fewer of them, not more.

Ian Foster, Hawthorne Avenue, Haxby, York.