THE recently published figures of the number of people fined for crossing Lendal Bridge brings worrying thoughts of the outcome of this farcical project.

Those visitors who have been fined will no doubt tell their friends that York is not the friendliest place. More than 40,000 have been fined at the most recent count, 80 per cent of whom are visitors, who will no doubt tell their friends.

Although the recent statement from the director of Visit York seems to suggest there is no concern, I doubt if the recipients of fines will agree with him.

Every effort is being made to attract people to visit Yorkshire, especially this year for the Tour de France in July. What a shame if the talking point on all the news stories is about Lendal Bridge closures.

City of York Council stands accused of the biggest scandal it has ever caused. The local elections are not too far away and I have no doubt voters will remember the present regime for its inept stewardship.

Every week there are negative letters in your paper on this subject; we can’t all be wrong.

Stop the madness now before the world hears we don’t want tourists in our city.

Eddie Benson, Crookland Lane, Haxby, York.


• READING the daily accounts of people caught driving over Lendal Bridge during restricted hours, I agree with Frank Allender of Rossendale (Letters, January 30).

Surely some of them were of sufficient intelligence to at least realise that they should not do it and that a financial penalty may follow, but did it anyway.

Others obviously didn’t think this would be the case. For the benefit of future would-be transgressors I suggest that four little words are added to the signage: “You will be fined” and then there’s no excuse.

Maybe this was thought about but omitted on purpose.

Mike Harrison, Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton, York.


• I MUST say, in retirement the closing of Lendal Bridge suits me fine. As I live within walking distance of the bridge, it is nice to have the clear air for a change.

In summer (when we get one), I would come to York along the bar walls from Micklegate, and from the clear air on the walls the traffic fumes really hit you at the Lendal Bridge end.

Allan Denney, Catesby House, Holgate Road, York.