YET again Coun James Alexander has rejected the idea to recreate an Airspeed museum in Piccadilly. It seems the proposal does not tick all the criteria that he demands.

His idea is to have yet another hotel. Anyone who was York born will notice how this once-historic city is fast becoming altered to accommodate so many hotels. Is he prepared to lose all the visitor attractions that have been the main reasons people visit our city?

King’s Square has been changed to a flat paved area (which I’m sure could be used as an ice rink), the area around the Minster is now paved too.

I’m sure the residents (especially the more senior residents) would prefer to maintain the memories and reopen the Piccadilly site as a museum.

But as usual the council has selective hearing. I’m just waiting for the council to announce asphalt in place of the cobbles in Shambles. It could happen.

S McClaren, Boroughbridge Road, York.