I KNEW Acomb was doomed when the residential swallows shook the dust off their wings and quit (or were evicted as unruly tenants).

Turning a homely village street into a seaside krazy-golf course with bollard embellishment did not help.

David Quarrie (Letters, January 29) forgot to add to his loss-list The Cakery, whose cream confectionery was the glory of the village, and to mention (on the plus side) Barnitts, whose seemingly recession-proof Aladdin’s cave yet remains to astonish us with quality and variety. If they don’t stock it, you don’t need it.

Perhaps the general decline of Acomb is inevitable; just another example of superstore blight.

On the other hand, does not an area somewhat reflect the lives of the people who live there?

William Dixon Smith, Welland Rise, Acomb, York.