I CYCLE past the rising bollard in Stonebow every day.

It has not been in action this year so it allows traffic to flow freely from the Peasholme Green area towards Parliament Street.

If you are following a bus past the bollard you will not notice the small warning restricting access at the bollard (limited access between 8am to 6pm) or the CCTV operational signs, made more difficult to see during the dark mornings and early winter evenings. Passing the bollard before 6pm will cost you at least a £30 fine.

If you do pass the bollard after 6pm, into the bottom of Parliament Street following that same bus, you will not see the restriction into Coppergate, where access is an hour later from 7pm.

So even if you have legally passed the Stonebow bollard after 6pm, and motorists do, they are now trapped into thinking they can travel along Coppergate, but if they venture along Coppergate before 7pm that will also cost them £30.

This may seem a bit cynical on my part, but why would the council want to reintroduce the rising bollard in Stonebow while they are making a nice earner by luring unsuspecting motorists into the “Stonebow trapdoor”.

And like the victims of the trapdoor spider, once inside the trapdoor, there can be a nasty bite waiting.

Stefan Muszanskyj, Acomb, York.