IN RESPONSE to David Quarrie’s letter of Wednesday regarding the sorry state of the shopping area in Acomb, such was the concern of some of the local traders at the alarming decline that the Acomb Alive Traders’ Association was formed.

As traders we are aware of the number of empty shop units in the Acomb shopping area. The combined costs of rent and business rates are simply too high to encourage individuals to take the plunge into the retail trade and the Government offers few if any financial incentives.

We are, however, looking at alternatives – ie pop-up shops – in the hope of breathing new life into the area.

Our aim is to reverse the decline by encouraging shoppers and make Acomb more appealing.

Events such as the recent indoor Christmas market held at Acomb Working Men’s Club was a great success and with more events to come.

Acomb Alive was also responsible for supplying and fitting the Christmas lights along Front Street and Green Lane and, in conjunction with the council, the old and damaged benches have been replaced. We would encourage any business in Acomb to become involved for what will be exciting times ahead.

We will be calling on residents to become more involved as we progress.

Sue Hunter, Chair of Acomb Alive, Floral Elegance, Front Street, Acomb, York.