HAVING listened to the plethora of comments regarding Lendal Bridge pantomime which comes a close second to Berwick’s show, I find I have a newly acquired talent myself, in that I can see into the future (by reading between the lines).

Also things become clear after peering in my crystal ball (or studying past articles from The Press).

The thin edge of the wedge is the present situation where anything negative about the bridge closure will be ignored.

The thick end.... well, have we all forgotten about the proposed “Cultural Quarter”? This will include paving Exhibition Square, St Leonard’s Place, Duncombe Place, Museum Street and Lendal Bridge.

I can just see it now, double-deckers and taxis weaving between a myriad of restaurant tables, hotel guests and street entertainers. No, all these streets would be closed to all traffic 24/7 obviously, So have I had a vision or just a bad dream?

Time will tell, but please, City of York Council, don’t reply saying that there are no present plans for this. We’ve heard it all before.

D McTernan, Fossway, York.