THE new speed limit signs in the vicinity of Deighton have now been erected, and it is immediately obvious why North Yorkshire Police did not support this scheme.

Travelling from York the 60mph limit now drops to a short section of 50mph reduced to 40mph at the point where Deighton is located just off the main road.

This reverts to another short 50mph section before the 40mph limit for Escrick. There is no 50mph buffer at the far side of Escrick.

It is regrettable that a fatality occurred on the A19 at Deighton, but in the bigger picture this type of ad-hoc reactive tinkering may seem to solve a local problem, but if drivers see inconsistent and poorly judged implementation of speed limit powers it can only lower respect for limits in general.

While limits are mandatory, enforcement is in reality minimal, and it is the co-operation of motorists that is required to achieve safety on our roads.

Keith Wellburn, Postern Close, York.