THE Government, police and others are now claiming that overall crime is at its lowest level since records began.

It might just be true that violent crime, car theft and house burglaries have fallen, mainly because of better security arrangements in the homes and on cars, the use of DNA to capture criminals, and better technology.

Credit card fraud and other types of credit fraud are not included in the crime figures, but this is an area of much increased crime. Shoplifting has increased immensely, as have drug-related offences, antisocial behaviour and sexual crimes.

More and more “minor” crimes are not reported because the general public knows full well that our overstretched, undermanned and lower-funded police forces cannot cope with the demand on their limited resources.

The most we can often hope for is an incident number. We do not have enough prisons to keep all the criminals where they should be.

Our three largest parties all talk tough on crime, but that is all it is – just talk. None of them dares to carry out what the UK citizens really long for. I just do not believe the latest figures.

David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

• LIKE Graeme Rudd (Letters, January 21), I too found it incredible that the police failed to take positive action against the yobs who caused havoc in Gillygate with the overturning of wheelie bins and strewing of rubbish.

As a minimum punishment these louts should have been named and shamed, together with a substantial fine.

How is yobbish behaviour going to be eradicated with such ineffective decision making and sentencing?

Come on North Yorkshire Police, you can surely do much better than this.

Bill Bevan, Eastfield Crescent, Badger Hill, York.