YORK In Transition has been organising all sorts of events since 2008, many of them a style of interactive conference workshop called an open space.

These allow participants to choose the subjects to be discussed, and often projects are born out of these collaborative gatherings. Our most successful “offspring” is Edible York and people are invited to attend our latest community open space which is tomorrow, at the Priory Street Centre, with the hope another fabulous group can be founded.

This event is called Towards A Sustainable York 2014 and is part of the Residents’ Festival. We gather at 10am for coffee, and then there will be a presentation, followed by short presentations from other local individuals, groups and projects.

After lunch at 1.30pm, the interactive open space starts, and we hope this will lead to more projects being started or existing groups being reinvigorated. In the evening, from 5pm, we have a bring-and-share buffet and live entertainment.

The event is free and accessible for all. We invite anyone who wants to make York a better place this year to come along and participate and add their ideas. York is famous for its buildings and history, but its residents are the real strength.

York In Transition wants ordinary people to be able to contribute to the next chapter in our history. Please come along.

John Cossham, Hull Road, York.