I ENTIRELY agree with Phil Crowder’s sentiments regarding York needing more core employment (Letters, January 22).

A few years ago The Press published my letter which also expressed concerns for the young people of this city and their restricted options of employment. Yes! I know the employment figures for York are low, but the fundamental issues remain.

The only large industrial company left that comes to mind is Shepherds –and long may they be successful. York has become a dormitory – just see the traffic from 6am heading towards Leeds every day its citizens drive for a decent wage.

The photograph taken at York Carriageworks in its prime made my blood boil. How could we throw away generations of those skills and then place orders for trains in Germany? It’s just lamentably stupid. York also lost the expertise and skills of Vickers, making specialised optical instruments for defence.

We have a beautiful city and it should be easy to bring companies to York. How I wish we had the Nissan Factory near by. York’s MPs and council need to court industry to move here and put brown sites to the purpose they are designated for. Let’s start making things, create apprenticeships and stop building more hotels!

Keith Massey, Mill Lane, York.