LAST year Godfrey Bloom was thrown out of UKIP by Nigel Farage for calling women sluts.

This was apparently the last straw for the long-suffering Nigel, and somehow worse than Bloom calling developing nations Bongo Bongo Land, or stating that the unemployed and public sector workers shouldn’t be allowed to vote, or declaring that UKIP didn’t have time to create their own policies and should arrange to buy some off the shelf.

This week Farage announced that women who have take time off to have babies are worth less than the rest of us.

Farage has recently declared his commitment to weeding UKIP of barmy crackpots and real extremists, in the wake of one of his followers blaming bad weather on gay marriage, and others demonstrating the ugliest of racist views.

Let us hope Farage will now throw himself out of the party.

Christian Vassie, Blake Court, Wheldrake, York.